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Pregnancy tests

It is easy to tell if you are pregnant if you notice one common pregnancy symptom. The moment you are experiencing any symptom of pregnancy it is suggested that you need to opt tools for pregnancy test. The results of pregnancy are going to be accurate in case if you take the test after one day of your missed period. But in order to be sure about the results it is better if you wait for one week.

Home pregnancy test

You can opt for this test after a single day of your missed period. There are some sensitive tests that can be conducted pretty earlier as well.

All the tests work on the simple principle in detection of HCG in your urine. This is a hormone that is found only when you are pregnant. There is a chemical in the stick that changes colour when a contact is established with it. Waiting time is going to be different in case of these tests but it should not be more than 10 minutes.

It is recommended that you take HPT a couple of times, and the results are going to vary if you opt for this test as soon as you have missed your period. In certain cases the level of HCG is going to be too small to detect it. The application does vary from a brand to brand, but the tests are inexpensive.

If you use the test correctly results are going to be accurate. You can have a false negative, which means you are pregnant, but the results would have to show something else. In case if you have gone on to miss the period after a certain point of time it is better to consult your doctor.

Clinical urine test

This is one of the pregnancy test tools that can be undertaken at the chamber of a doctor. This test would not be more accurate than a HPT. The doctor is going to eliminate any errors that could have an impact on the accuracy of this test. It all depends upon your health insurance as a HPT is going to cost you more.

In fact the results of this test would depend upon the type of medical facility that you visit. But you can expect the results of this test to arrive within a week at the most.

Blood tests

Once again these tests are performed at the chamber of a doctor. A lab test would detect the presence of HCG in your blood. A couple of types of pregnancy tests are normally undertaken

  • Qualitative HCG blood test- with this test this would go on to check the extend of HCG that is present in your blood. On the other quantitative test would specify the specific degree of HCG.

If the levels of HCG are higher or lower in your pregnancy, depending on how far you are in pregnancy the doctor may ask you to opt for further tests. The doctor could ask an ultrasound or a repeat HCG.

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