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Norton chat support uk

Norton antivirus appeared in 1991 but the software was so heavy that it affected the performance of the system and slowed it down. Later the company improved the product and now people are using it for their devices.

Norton antivirus basic comes with good features as it has the capability to check for known as well as new threats. The software comes with anti-phishing technologies, which helps the users to protect their devices.

Setup of the basic version

The basic version of the Norton antivirus does not have a trial build and users who want a low cost antivirus software have to purchase it to know about its features. Installation of the software is very easy. If there is any other antivirus software, Norton asks to uninstall it. But if it is not done the there is no problem. With the installation of the software, there are options of browser extensions, which the users should install to protect the system from malicious websites and apps. The set up also include ID Password Manager and Norton Safe Web.

Features of the basic version

The software comes with easy-to-use interface with many controls, which the users can use to protect the system and also customize the protection. Users can always see the protection status of the system along with the date when the scanning was previously done. There are many other buttons, which users can use for different functions.

In order to check the system, users can go to Scan and then click Scans and can do either quick or full scan. There is an option of custom scan which the users can us to customize the scanning. If the software is unable to detect the virus then it uses Norton Power Eraser, which has the more power of detecting the attack and threats.

Users do not have the option of Norton chat support if they buy the basic version as the company does not associate any expert for the subscription. Norton chat support option is available with all other versions. Users can use Norton chat support to inform the company about the problems they are facing and the company will resolve it.


The basic version was tested in the Real World Protection test and got the seventh rank as it was able to 99.5% threats. This test was conducted between February and June 2018. In the later month, the software achieved 100% mark in finding the threats. The software also achieved 100%for performance and 92% in usability.

Wrapping Up

The basic version only comes with fundamental protection from various threats and people who have low budget can purchase it. If the people have the option of spending more, they can purchase other versions like standard, deluxe, and premium. All of them come with good features like firewall, multi operating system support and many others.

One subscription of basic version can protect only one devices so users have to purchase separate subscriptions for several devices. In such a case, deluxe and premium versions are good as one subscription of deluxe supports five and of premium supports ten.

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