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MRI is known as magnetic resonance imaging. It is a non-invasive diagnostic method that employs radio waves rather than x-rays to form the images. This procedure is specifically valuable for imaging of soft tissues such as the spinal cord, brain, muscles and that of ligaments and also detecting abnormal tissues like tumours.

How does MRI works?

MRI procedure uses a scanner that is a cylindrical machine. It is used to get images of the human body. An MRI machine is made up of a round tunnel or bore inside which the patient or individual lies on a narrow table. Surrounding the tube is a massive cylindrical magnet. During the duration of an MRI scan, the patient is inside a stable magnetic field that is actually ten thousand to thirty thousand times stronger than the magnetic field of the earth. Since it is a non-invasive procedure you are not going to have any pain or ache.  You can look for MRI scan centers in Chennai for your scanning.

For your information, protons are small particles that are there in water molecules throughout the body. These are allied by the extremely strong magnetic field. Note that there is no water molecules present in the human skeleton, just in bodily tissue.  Radio waves are conveyed in pulses, and these protons generate echoes that are produced out of the body. These echoes are established by the MRI scanner, and are then rebuilt into pictures of the body by a computer. The pictures are extremely precise and give a clear anatomical view of the body from all the angles.

Are you doing prep for MRI?

The presence of a firm magnetic field means the metal objects of any type are not allowed inside the scanning room during an MRI Scan. All the jewellery and clothing that contain metal, specifically objects having iron, require to be eradicated. Moreover, the internal metal objects such as medication pumps, metal clips, or any internal metal items such as metal or shrapnel particles also present a considerable danger and must be made known to the professionals. Other equipment or items that may cause a danger are like cardiac pacemakers or even that of defibrillators, a catheter having metal components, aneurysm clips, and even cochlear implants. You have to be sure that you don’t have any of them. If you have anything that has to do with metal then you have to speak to your doctor before you enter that scanning room. After lal, it is about your safety and betterment.  Of course there are some metal implants that do not exclude by make use of an MRI scanner, but some do, and it is vital to tell a doctor or staff member about any implants or any type of metallic objects. Other than this, if you are a patient and you feel that you may be pregnant, the doctor should be informed.  It is to ensure that the things do not get bad for the unborn baby. Once you have spoken to the doctor about this thing; they can take measures for sure.

To enhance the experience of the MRI, it is vital and suggested that the patient not drink for a few hours before the scan. This is mainly true of tea and coffee. After all going to the toilet is not possible in the absence of interrupting the scan and starting again.

During the scanning

Once you are dressed up in a medical gown, you are going to be asked to lie down on a narrow table. This is the table that will then move into the tunnel. Also remember that you are not supposed to wear even bra beneath that gown. And yes it gets even more crucial not to wear a bra when you are having a wiring bra on. So, you have to be careful about this thing. The doctors give you the hospital gown only because they want to ensure that nothing metal related thing get into connection with the machine or overall procedure.

Talking about the duration of this MRI procedure, it can last from thirty minutes to an hour. It depends totally on the scans getting performed. The scan is formed of sequences, lasting from two to fifteen minutes, during these the machine might make knocking noises and these can be loud.  Patients are mostly provided with earphones to listen to music. It is done to distract them from these noises during the MRI procedure. Most of the times kids are given these headphones with music so as to keep them engaged and away from the noises emitted by the machine.

During the procedure you, being the patient, have to remain motionless in order to generate a clear picture. If you would move or make any jerks then the picture shot might turn out to be blurry and scattered. Again for many patients, claustrophobia could be an issue as the space inside the MRI could be confining. If you are a patient with claustrophobic anxiety    then you might require light dose of sedation.  Throughout the procedure, imaging technicians are in a position to communicate with you through intercom to ensure that the patient stays informed and cosy.

What are the clear benefits of MRI?

The MRI scan is a safe and painless scan that generates clearer images of the body and its tissues, that too at any angle. It is particularly effective and useful in detecting soft tissue tumours across the body. An MRI is somewhat twice as sensitive as x-ray mammography in finding out breast cancer in women having a high genetic danger of the ailment. It makes use of no radiation for scanning and therefore removes the health danger of x-rays that make use of radiation.

Remember that it is possible that an MRI could show that everything is completely normal; however, there are several things or aspects that could be seen on an MRI. It will vary depending on where in the body the scan is getting performed. However, mostly the doctors get to know about the exact condition with the help of MRI.


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