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Ways to Loose 50 or More Pounds

Trying to get rid of a substantial amount of weight is much like training for a marathon. You understand the journey ahead will be hard, and getting started can feel overwhelming.

All you will need to do is put one foot before the other and take modest steps. There are quite a few simple–but very effective–things you can do to ease in the weight loss procedure. When you find those first few pounds begin to fly off, you are certain to motivated to push yourself further. if this method doesn’t work for you then you can also do a Keto Diet which is most effective and historical strategy which surely help you to loose.

1.Get More Shut-Eye

When you envision your weight loss journey, sleep probably is not the first thing comes to mind. But getting sufficient shut-eye each night (about 7 or 8 hours) is among the simplest and best ways to jumpstart a weight reduction program, says Dyan Tsiumis, founder of Get Fierce Training in New York. As soon as you’ve adjusted to a normal sleep schedule, you can move on to undertake another weight loss tip from the list below.


An hour before bed, switch off your electronics.

2. Hydrate

However, Chris Powell, the coach who has helped tens of thousands of obese folks lose significant weight on ABC’s reality series Extreme Weight Loss, states contestants on the show down at least a gallon daily. But that is not all: On times they hit the gym, they have an additional 32 ounces for every hour that they exercise. “Does this marginally increase their metabolism, but in addition, it keeps them full between meals and wards off bouts of overeating. This strategy plays an integral role in their success!” he explains.


When downing a gallon of H20 is your goal, there is very little time left to consume different beverages. But we get it, sticking to water constantly can fatigue your taste buds. Be certain that you reach for green tea over black, as this brew comprises stomach fat-burning compounds called catechins.

3. Skip The Gym

If exercising at a gym or in front of others makes you nervous –do not do it. The ideal workout is one that you will stick with. If you do not have a lot of spare time for physical activity, walk a part of the way to and from work or during your lunch break–every little motion helps get you closer to your objective.


Remember: Your workout regimen does not have to be intense to work. If you are new to fitness, begin by exercising only 10 minutes three or four times per week. Each week after that, improve your time by three minutes. Before you know it, you are going to be moving to get a half hour or more.

4. Clean Your Kitchen

Collect all the biscuits, frozen nuggets, chips and cakes and give them to a local food bank. When junk food is not in your house, you’re less likely to consume it frequently, which can accelerate your weight loss. When you have cleaned house, it is time to hit the supermarket. Powell suggests restocking your kitchen with organic whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, raw almonds and lean proteins such as turkey, chicken, eggs and fish.


Just because you tossed out the crap doesn’t mean that you will need to deprive your sweet tooth completely. The longer you linger, the greater the chance you will go for seconds.

5. Split With Happy Hour

Like soda and carbonated beverages, booze is full of hundreds of empty calories — but that is not the only reason it may slow your weight loss progress, says Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Jennifer Neily. “Drinking decreases inhibitions and increases appetite, causing people to consume a lot more than they otherwise could,” she says. In actuality, a recent Dutch study found that consuming only half a beverage led to study participants consuming 20 percent greater than their sober counterparts. Yikes!


The next time you venture outside, offer to be the DD so you’re not tempted to drink. While staying sober might not be as entertaining, it’ll be well worth it once those pounds begin flying off!

6. Throw Out Your Scale

Losing weight is a gradual process and watching the amount on a scale could be depressing. “The diet and fitness industry bombards us before and after transformations that allegedly happen overnight. However, these kinds of results are not typical. Mostly large changes take time, so be patient with yourself and concentrate on adhering to your daily diet and fitness regimen and enhancing your general health. Over time, the weight will obviously come off–do not worry about what the scale says.”


If you are a numbers person and need to keep track of your progress, focus on your waist-to-hip ratio. This sort of fat negatively impacts health more than fat that is housed anywhere else on the body. Assess your ratio monthly to make certain you’re still on track toward your objective.

  1. Take Time to Reflect

Remembering why you started your weight loss journey can help lift your spirits when you are down and inspire you to stay with it when you need to throw in the towel. “Take a minute each morning to recall what you are working for–whether it be enhanced energy so that you can play with your kids or a longer life span, says Tsiumis. “When you concentrate on all the good that will come from all your hard work it is much easier to keep on track,” she adds.


Tsiumis suggests setting an alarm on your mobile phone as a “motivation reminder” “I have an alarm that goes off three times daily to remind me what I am working for– and that I dropped my weight over ten years back!

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