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shine and softness to your feet

The overall body health and hygiene do include the hygiene and care of feet. For every girl, feet are a part to be displayed in their beautiful sandals. One cannot neglect the fact that if your feet are not taken care of properly they might show a bad sign of hygiene. Pain-free feet and properly fitting shoes are the perfect signs of feeling good and staying active. Thus, especially during summers, one must apply certain foot cream online to keep them soft and stay away from cracks and dryness.

There are certain ways to protect them from elements like sun and hot surfaces to make them look smooth and clean.

  • Use a pumice stone- One must keep a pumice stone always in the bathroom and use it certainly while taking shower cleaning or scrubbing the callouses and feet with the stone removing all dirt and hard skin from it. This stone is readily available in the market. Give very less pressure on the soft areas where the skin is very soft and go a little hard while going down the harder portions.
  • Use scrub- Exfoliate the feet with some great budget foot scrub will help get rid of the surface dry skin cells. There is a variety of foot scrub available like the tea tree peppermint and sugar scrub that is suitable for the dry skin and other salt-based scrubs to detoxify and draw out impurities from the dirty skin.
  • Apply moisturizers- The portion of heels are said to be overused as compared to the other foot areas. Thus, they tend to dry more quickly. It is important to apply a moisturizer or oil just after the shower so that the skin can retain and lock the moisture easily. These lotions and oils can also be used at the bed-time when going off to sleep so that the feet can regain smoothness after long tiring roughness so occurred to the heels.
  • Apply sunscreens- When we move out to the beach or in the sun, our feet get exposed to the UV rays giving a dark complexion or color to them. Some might observe a mark of sandals also on the foot. Hence, applying a good quality SPF whenever going out in routine is also important.

By following these simple steps and applying high-quality natural products free from chemicals and toxins will give you back your soft and clear feet. Going for a pedicure is also a good option but the products so used must not be harsh on the skin. Choose your product wisely whether it is for the feet or may it be a 24k gold face and beard oil, always go with chemical free, natural products that have very less or no preservatives at all because they are handmade directly from the natural products. In routine, the feet should be examined to check any layer of dead dirty skin covering the beauty of our toes. Prevent your feet from the minor problems becoming into major ones.

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