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If you are preparing for GMAT then you might have made your schedule, plan or at least an outline right? Well, there are certain mistakes that students or aspirants make when they prepare for this test. Often people give a lot of importance and concentration to the areas that are important but hardly do they realise the importance of mistakes. Once you avoid mistakes your prep is certainly going to be effective and efficient.

You can take up the Best GMAT coaching classes in Delhi if you want to expand and explore. But again if you have joined a class too then too you need to be bearing of mistakes. You cannot simply keep on doing mistakes. You have to be really prudent about what you are doing and how you are doing it. There are a few mistakes that you must avoid if you want to do preparation properly and in a well-organized manner.

Don’t start too late or early

The first mistake people make is that they don’t realize when to start. Many students start preparing for the test a year ago or even earlier. And then there are also a population of aspirants that start prep only a month or two months ago. Of course, both the scenarios are pretty scary. You cannot take chance with these. You have to be really sure about what you are doing and why.  If you start up too early your concepts might get faded or worn by the time of the test.   As a result of this even if you studied all the concepts at the time of test you might find yourself losing the grip over all the concepts. On the other hand if you start too late in your life then you might find it equally challenging because you might not be able to do preparation properly.  Of course, in a span of one month or two you would be more pressured than concentrated in your test. So, the ideal thing is to start six or minimum four months prior to the test. In this way you would be able to retain what you have studied and there would not be any additional stress too.

No time for revision?

If you don’t assign any time for revision then you are already doing harm to your preparation. You cannot simply keep on studying and piling up more and more material. You have to be thoughtful about everything. If you are learning new things every day but not revising them once they pile up; you might be doing harm to your preparation.  What is the point if at the time of your test you have no clue what you studied because of too much of piled up material on your mind?  The point is when you do revision the concepts and material stay fresh in your mind.


So, the choice is always yours. You have to find out what you want and how you have to nail it. In the case of GMAT, even if you have taken up GMAT preparation classes in Noida make sure you stay away from the talked mistakes.

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