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Tips for Making a Good Thumbnail

A quality thumbnail is a key to procuring better views and a wider reach amongst the audience. Just using a pretty picture may not be the only reason for success, because it lacks the X-factor. It may not be a reliable option for getting many views. Videos on YouTube are uploaded in millions everyday getting a thumbnail with a mere picture may not stand out in the sea of video uploads. It is important to pay attention to the thumbnail before any uploads because converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail is the key to social media propagation.

A target audience and interesting content need to become famous on Facebook to ensure that the audience base stays. The views that are garnered through Facebook and YouTube collectively is much more than just YouTube propagation. The thumbnail must be something that challenges its viewers and makes them click on the video thumbnail.

Creation of a good thumbnail

  1. Action shots- A screen grab can be used by the user to show some visuals of action shots. Things like drones and slow motion may induce an inquisitive thinking process in your audience which you can manipulate and use. These shots are visual effects which are not available every day, and this fact must be exploited to get the highest number of viewers on YouTube.
  2. Pictures filled with bright colours- A high-quality picture with the video is an important aspect of any thumbnail. This could also be a screen grab fed in a YouTube to Facebook converter which is from the high-quality video that you shot. Attention spans are reducing nowadays, and bright colours with some good text-based animations can quickly grab the attention of a user. Lighting details in any image are important because they help in enhancing the image.
  3. Use your muse- Your muse could be you or someone else, but the subject must be the core aspect of the thumbnail. Smiling faces and honest eyes can help in making people feel pleasant, which can attract them towards your videos. They must feel like they trust the person they’re viewing.
  4. Customized thumbnail creator- Several YouTubers share their videos on social media to get the attention towards their videos. A customized thumbnail helps in bringing variety to the thumbnail.
  5. Pose a question- Place a question on the thumbnail. Those who agree with the question will show support by watching the video, and those who digress end up watching the video to oppose it. Either way, the question has helped in garnering a million views.

YouTube has a plethora of users that login and logout from Facebook every single minute. Businesses and companies take advantage of the massive content streamers by putting interesting advertisements during festivals or ‘sale’ seasons. The thumbnail can show a close up of the product and help in showing the viewers what they’re in for. Sharing the videos on social media helps them stay connected to the user through social media.

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