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Samsung Galaxy S5

Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S5 is legal, safe and easy. It enables a user to switch networks and use it with different carriers. Currently, your phone might be locked with a carrier which gives you limited functionality, higher bills due to costlier call and internet charges. It might also be the case that, your location is not ideal for the network carrier your phone is on. In such a circumstance, switching networks is a viable option. Given the times we are living in, and the prevalence of the portability feature offered by network carriers, consumers have the freedom to readily switch networks whenever they prefer to. The question then is how do you go about it?

The easiest way is to contact your carrier and inquire if they provide unlocking options. For e.g., if you would like to unlock samsung galaxy s5 t mobile, ring up the customer service of t mobile. If they do, you can pay the carrier a processing fee and get your phone unlocked. Though, this will require all your pending payments to be cleared, your contract to be expired and a friendly voice answering the call. It will be helpful to know that, network carriers have no legal obligation to provide you with the service. If this does not work out, there is no reason to worry, as there are more ways to unlock samsung galaxy s5 or other variants of the phone.

There are 3 ways to unlock a galaxy phone – software unlocking, hardware unlocking and IMEI unlocking. The first two ways are mostly ineffective, fraudulent and can sometimes cause irreversible damages to your phone. They might claim to cost less and be able to be effective.  Do not fall for them. A lot of people have tried and failed. The third way – IMEI unlocking is the safest and the best method to unlock your phone. It comes at a small price and guarantees a 100% success rate.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier, which is a unique number given to every single mobile. It is generally located on the backside of the battery or the device. You can also find out your IMEI by dialling #06# on your phone’s keypad. In effect, these IMEI numbers of cellular phones connected to a GSM network are stored in a global database EIR (Equipment Identity Register) containing all valid phone numbers.

Upon identifying the IMEI number, do a research on IMEI unlocking service providers available to you. Some providers take a long time to unlock a phone; some take less, whereas some have no customer services available. Therefore, read up on user comments of service providers and judiciously choose the service provider you would like to go ahead.  Go to their website, and pay the processing fee required to unlock your phone. Your phone thereby will be unlocked in 2-7 days depending on the provider you choose. The process is typically simple and takes only a couple of minutes. So, go ahead and do your research.

Unlock the world of portability and step out to the world of unlimited possibility.

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