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SAP GRC benefit

The technology has been omnipresent in this age where a thousand task is done by it in a few minutes. However, there are numerous segments in this arena that one must have a look at before going for the classification of the same. As the abbreviation goes, full form stands for Governance Risk Compliance. All companies need to manage the governance requirements and act in accordance with certain regulations. It is essential to manage such risks to prevent an organizational process from collapsing. Though a lot of different ways can be approached for such things, this software has made this act of management faster, reliable, and easier in contemporary times.

SAP GRC helps an organization or a company to have organized and systematic methods for managing its Governance, Risk, and Compliance related tactics.

The GRC software lets a company assimilate IT operations which are subjected to many regulations. The compliance and risk activities that are related to such operations are integrated into various stages like planning, execution, and strategy.

The enactment of SAP GRC software is not only limited to the IT sector but can be implemented for businesses, auditing, security, and compliance as well. The software merges all the applications that are required for the management of core functions of GRC into a single integrated package. This process makes it probable for an administrator to use only a single framework for regulating and monitoring the procedures.

SAP GRC Security 

SAP GRC is completely equipped of accessing the process and control, and all of such processes are automated tools that have been designed for the management of internal security model, remediating the issues with compliance as well as monitoring of potential business risks that exist in the SAP system.

SAP GRC Modules 

Mentioned are some of the most important modules of SAP GRC:

  • SAP GRC Access Control
  • SAP GRC Process Control
  • SAP GRC Risk Management
  • SAP Fraud Management 
  1. SAP GRC Access Control: It is referred as the application that comes with customizable and pre-defined workflows for a user and role change processes, which takes place without any integrated risk simulation consisting of a critical violation or authorization.
  2. SAP GRC Process Control: these tools were designed in a way that allowed an organization for originating a view that would be reliable over the main compliance activity that runs across the numerous business processes. It also acts as an essential source for the control framework.
  3. SAP Risk Management: delivers an enterprise solution that is detailed and is helpful in the management of the different type of risks and driving collaborations and consistency in an organization. It identifies and assesses the risk, hence driving the worth of a business.
  4. SAP Fraud Management: is widely known for its effective solution which is meant for investigating, recognition and averting fraud. SAP HANNA is what powers all this, and the solution for the same is effectively utilized in various public, banking, healthcare, and also in High-Tech environmental sectors.


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