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Transfer data from your iPhone to your new smartphone

Have you purchased a new phone and do you want to do data transfer phone to phone from your iPhone to your new iPhone or Android phone? We put the easiest ways for you in a row.

Fine! You have purchased a new smartphone! First of all you place your “unboxing the newest (enter the name of your device) here” – movie on YouTube, but after that it is really time to set up your scratch-free piece of brand new technology. For example, you need transfer data from iPhone to Android and you have no idea.

Let’s see for a moment, how was that supposed to be done? Desperately you search in the institutions if there is something to find. The last time you transferred your data is one or maybe even two years ago and it seems to change every time. No problem, because we are always helpful and put you in a row how the transfer of data from your old to your new smartphone works if you had an iPhone for this.

Transfer data from your old to your new iPhone

Transferring data with iOS 11 happened in the blink of an eye. Contacts, calendar items, appointments, reminders, photos, videos and apps, everything is easily transferred between your old and new iPhone. Apple offers you three ways to put your old data on your new device: via your iCloud account, via iTunes or via the new Quick Start menu.

Transfer data via Quick Start

With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple introduced a new way to transfer your data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone: Quick Start. In the previous methods you must enter usernames and passwords and be connected to WiFi. A lot of hassle and for some very difficult. With Quick Start you can transfer your data even faster and easier, without having to look at passwords.

Transfer data via iCloud

Make a backup of your old iPhone. You can do this easily with iOS 11 by going to Settings> iCloud> Backup. Turn on iCloud backup and make a backup of your files. You can configure what you do and do not want to include in your backup files: photos, e-mails, contacts, calendar items, reminders, Safari bookmarks, notes and the data in Passbook. iCloud now makes a daily copy of the contents of your phone.

Transfer data from iOS to Android

Do you switch from an iPhone to Android phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 Pro or LG G7 ThinQ? Then you have two options: a complicated one, where you have to link your data to a Google account, and a simple one. We stick to the simple method. First you take your iPhone, download and install Google Drive. Log in with your Google Account. If you do not have one yet, first create it. Also make sure you have the latest update from Google Drive before you continue.

With dr.fone!

With dr.fone, you can transfer data from iPhone to Android or vice versa (at any time easy and without any data loss). No knowledge is needed, you only need to follow instructions for instructions. You can also transfer any type of data; SMS, contacts, music, videos and so on. Any! If you are going to work on modern devices, dr.fone is for you. It’s even compatible with Android 9 and iOS 12. No data loss and no third party access so you don’t need to worry about your security. Today, iCloud can be broken into and other methods above risk you losing data so for us, dr.fone is the best option for all matters of transferring data from iPhone to Android or vice versa and even from the old device to the latest device.

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