How to Wear Unique Styles of T-shirts

Wear Unique Styles of T-shirts

No man can go wrong when donning a t-shirt. It is the ultimate go-to piece of clothing when you are confused about what to wear and looks smashing regardless of the bottom-wear you choose to pair it with. However, there are various kinds of t-shirts available and styling it in the right way definitely helps you earn brownie points. Here is a sneak peek on the various t-shirt styles and how you can style them based on your body type.

The Ever-Popular V neck T-shirt- 

As the name suggests, this t-shirt comes with a V shape at the neck. This kind of t-shirt looks impeccable on broad shouldered guys as it helps to give you a slimmer look. Team this up with your trusted old pair of jeans and you are left with an effortlessly stylish appearance. To take things further, throw on an unbuttoned shirt in such a way that the V neckline isn’t too obvious from under the shirt.

The Suave linen T-shirt-

 These t-shirts are ideal for men with any body type and help you feel cool and calm during the scorching summers. You can find a variety of high street as well as designer t-shirts in this style but if you want to ace this t-shirt, opt for neutral shades. Choosing white or beige colored linen shirts help you mix and match in a better way. Pair this with charcoal tailored shorts, jeans or even chinos and you are good to go.

The Effortless Crew Neck style T-shirt- 

It is very easy to decipher these t-shirts as they come with a rounded, circular neckline that fits comfortably at the neck. It is ideal for men with sloped shoulders and long, narrow faces. You can pair this t-shirt with any kind of jeans, trousers and chinos as this is one style you absolutely cannot go wrong with.

The Snazzy Graphic T-shirt- 

Ideal for casual meet-ups and chilling out with friends, graphic t-shirts for men come in an array of patterns, graphics, sayings, slogans and humorous quotes. Steer clear from extremely edgy and over the top graphics unless you are heading to a rock concert. Layer this t-shirt up with a shirt or blazer and team it with a pair of slim fit jeans to complete the look. This t-shirt suits you if you are muscular, skinny or on the heavier side.

The Appealing Henley –Y Neck Style T-shirt- 

The Henley-Y neck style t-shirt is a clever cross between the V and crew neckline t-shirt. Perfect for those men with a muscular, well-built chest, this t-shirt comes with a buttoning placket that goes quite a few inches deep. The buttons on this t-shirt only help to work up its charm even more. You can pair this piece of clothing with any bottom-wear you want. It is sure to help you stand out no matter what the occasion.

The Trendy long line T-shirt- 

Long line t-shirts can easily be characterized by their log hemlines. If you want to go in for a sportier, more street style appearance, this is the t-shirt for you. You can never make a fashion blunder when teaming this t-shirt with slim fit jeans. It looks great on men who are on the skinner side. Put on a cropped t-shirt over this piece of attire or if you want to take things up a notch, team it with a bomber jacket. This helps you perfect the art of layering and gets heads turning for all the right reasons.

The Snug and Striking Knitted T-shirt- 

If you want to look a little more dressed up, the knitted t-shirt is just the wardrobe essential for you. It keeps you feeling warm and spares you the horrors that come with a bulky appearance. Tuck it into neatly cut shorts or tailored trousers and watch as you bring the house down.

These t-shirts are sure to bring that much needed swag and charm to your wardrobe. Now that you know how to style them and where to wear them at, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make use of this quintessential garment to your maximum advantage.

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