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Street Art In Melbourne

Graffiti and street art are the most popular type of arts emerging these days. These art pieces can easily be spotted all around and everywhere. Graffiti and street art are seen in buildings, temples, churches, roads, etc. Street arts have become a popular global culture. Nowadays, even art museums have started collecting the street and graffiti art portfolios to represent these talented artists’ fantastic work.

Street art and graffiti art are different from each other. Still, people get confused between the two. Therefore, in this post, we have made the confusion clear by stating four main differences between the street and graffiti artist Melbourne

Introduction to city graffiti art culture 

Graffiti art is prevalent nowadays. The art was introduced back in the 1960s in Philadelphia. At that time, graffiti art was used only to make some controversial political statements. One of the most popular known graffiti artists was collared. He is used to create spectacular pieces of graffiti art over the various cities. Usually, when a sketch, painting, or any art copy is made, there is an artist’s signature. But in graffiti art, the graffiti artist Melbourne uses a technique called tagging. In this method, the artist, after making their art pieces tag or mentions some different name or symbol below or anywhere on the art, represents that this particular artist makes this art piece.

Different types of graffiti art forms were introduced in 1970, and so the art started flourishing in many different cities with different art techniques and types. Graffiti art is one of the most popular elements of hip hop culture. At the same time, the other essential elements are dining, dancing, and meeting.

The cities and the government later came up with strict rules which limited the work of the graffiti artist, and eventually, the subway graffiti art died in the 1980s. To have an overall and robust impact on graffiti artists, they still make rubber stamps, stickers, and stencils for more efficient tagging.

Four main differences between graffiti art and street art forms 

Here are the four main outline differences between graffiti and street art

  1. Usually, the graffiti artist mentions themselves as graffiti writers and never uses their real name. Whereas the street artist always uses their real names.
  2. The materials used by the graffiti and the street artist are for their art pieces differ from person to person. But initially, the graffiti artist used spray colors to enhance their art pieces.
  3. The graffiti artists sometimes tend to mix images and letters to create their art forms. At the same time, the street artist goes for one layout for their single art pieces.
  4. The graffiti form of art is used for advertising some brand or anything, whereas street art is used to spread or quote some inspirational social message.


Both the art forms are different and versatile, yet they emerged during the same phase. These artists use different materials to create spectacular art pieces. Also, the street artist and graffiti artists of Melbourne are highly famous for creating such art pieces.

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