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Hand Sanitizer

Keeping your hands safe and clean is one of the most crucial steps to avoid any bacterial infection. Washing your hands regularly is the way to prevent and kill the bacteria accumulated in your hands.

How often can you wash your hands in a day? Well, not much as the regular and constant action of soaps and water may make the skin of your hands flaky and itchy. Therefore, to avoid that, sanitizers are used to keep your hands germs and bacteria-free all the time.

Now, the question comes about choosing the best hand sanitizer and what factors matter the most.

Tips for picking the best hand sanitizer

Mentioned below are the essential tips that will help you choose the right-hand sanitizer to keep your hand’s bacteria and virus free.

  • Pick alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

To kill the germs effectively, make sure you pick an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol. The more the percentage of alcohol, the better the quality of hand sanitizer. These fresh instant hand sanitizers, which are alcohol-based, kill the bacteria, and make the virus not effective. The main ingredients of alcohol-based hand sanitizers are ethanol, n-propanol, and isopropanol. These ingredients are very essential if you want the perfect hand sanitizer.

  • Make sure the hand sanitizer that you pick is the medium consistency of hand sanitizers. The appropriate consistency will coat your hands and effectively kill all the germs and viruses accumulated on that surface. Therefore, the consistency of hand sanitizer also plays a vital role in selecting the best hand sanitizer.

How to use hand sanitizer?

The best way to use the hand sanitizer is to take the generous amount of hand sanitizer on your palms and rub it nicely all over your hands and between the fingers till your hands feel dry.

When not to use the hand sanitizer? 

Well, this is the thing that most people do not take care of.

1) Hand sanitizer should not be used when your hands are dirty. 

Using the sanitizer on dirty hands will eventually spread the bacteria more. It is always better to wash your hands with a right-hand wash or soap and water in such cases.

2) After completing your meal

Most people these days tend to wipe their hands using tissues. This is not a good practice as it doesn’t remove your hands’ complete greasiness. Therefore, it is the best and the most recommended option to wash off your hands. It would also be best if you did not use these sanitizers when your hands are already wet. In this case, they will not be able to clean your hands effectively.


In this new normal that is the covid-19 era, it is essential to take proper hand hygiene using these fresh and instant hand sanitizers. They are the lifesavers and help in killing the bacteria most effectively. Therefore, make sure you follow the tips while using and picking the best sanitizer for yourself.

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