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Excellent getaways

Delhi is an ideal spot to kick start a memorable journey towards the most popular destinations on Western Coast of India and spend a wonderful vacation. Check out some of the most popular getaways that you can head to.   

Is the mundane city life getting to you? Can hardly wait to get away from all the daily chores? Living in Delhi amidst the daily hullabaloo, glamour, and luxuries has long been the fantasy of many. Delhi, the capital of India, is the amalgamation of old and new, and subsequently it can be partitioned as old Delhi and New Delhi. Full of quaint tourist attractions and abundance of entertainment the city never lets boredom reach you. Besides, there are some excellent getaways in close proximity to the city where one can take a quick respite. However, despite of the all the city lures and good weekend getaways, there is a need to head off to a far away place for refreshment every once in awhile. The Western Coast of the country is studded with a plethora of tourist destinations – each unique and an impressive set of allure and attractions and perfect a Delhite. In fact, the Indian capital is an awesome spot to begin an excursion to the getaways on India’s western coast that cater to the taste of all kinds of voyager.


Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is the budgetary capital of India and the home of India’s Bollywood film industry. Additionally called India’s “maximum city”, Mumbai is known for its compelling and quick paced way of life. It is also known for the place where one can either make or break their dreams. Staggering illustrations of provincial British architecture style can be found everywhere throughout the city and contribute in making one’s trip to Mumbai a memorable experience. Besides, also has a throbbing nightlife, with unforgettable bars, live music events, and numerous traveler joints. It is no wonder why the Delhi to Mumbai flights remain busy most of the time!


Goa is a flawless spot for holidaying. Each nook and corner of this tropical heaven shows a fine mix of conventional and contemporary world. On one hand you have the highly appealing natural splendour, whereas on the other hand, there is a superb exhibit of structural gems, which are specked in different towns of the state. Subsequently, a touring excursion to Goa is essential to see different fortunes of the state. Individuals travel long distances in order to explore and relish its assorted blend of shorelines, parties, cheap booze, adrenaline exercises, nature, and history. One of the most ideal approaches to see everything that Goa brings to the table is by renting a motorbike or bike, and exploring the state at leisure.


Kerala, known as “God’s Own Country” has a percentage of the best traveller destinations in India for every kind of vacation. It is the place where there are backwaters, coconuts, elephants, rich culture and decades old traditions. It has been a standout amongst the most frequented destinations by backpackers from all around the globe. From the staggering beaches along the Malabar Coast to the labyrinth of backwaters making their way through gigantic rice fields to the large tea estates in the heavenly hill in the Western Ghats, the landscape of Kerala is just about as assorted as its inhabitants. Grab one of the Kerala tour packages for a memorable holiday experience.

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