Go Stylish and Fashionable with Best Designed Silver Jewellery this Season

Best Designed Silver Jewellery

The holiday season is upon us, with Christmas and New Years fast approaching and just around the corner. This means, more parties, events, weddings and vacations to go on! That being said, delving into silver jewellery gives you a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Ever since we can remember, style icon Sonam Kapoor has sort of been a brand ambassador for all things silver. Proving that the silver jewellery that has a more traditional and chic-bohemian edge looks stunning with both ethnic and western outfits. From chunky loud pieces to delicate, intricate designs, Sonam Kapoor has donned them all, setting the trend for all silver jewellery enthusiasts.

Things to try if you have an affinity to silver baubles;

  1. Too much: sometimes, too much is a tad bit too much. Knowing when to stop is important to prevent any over accessorising. While wearing a statement piece, such as a bold necklace or layered necklaces, you can do away without an arm full of bangles or large bold earrings. The key lies in simplicity.
  2. Work with layers: different layering lengths of necklaces draw attention to your face, becoming the focal point of your outfit. Wearing different colours, textures or metals when it comes to bangles, makes you look bolder. A different combination of rings, stacking them up to draw attention to your hands.
  3. Create a focal point: Pick out one statement piece of jewellery online, usually a bold piece. Once you have picked out the piece, build your entire outfit and makeup around it, allowing it to become a focal point of your entire look.
  4. Frame your face: choose your earrings wisely. Pick out shapes, designs and textures that are perfect for your face shape to enhance its features. Choose colours that compliment your faces, such as the colour of your eyes and lips.
  5. Mix metals: whoever said that you couldn’t mix and match metals, obviously did not know their jewellery too well. It is no sin it is creative and experimental, giving you room to create more than one look in particular. Go ahead girl, mix and match with gold, silver and platinum!
  6. Create a look: you can either put together a look and then decide how to team up your jewellery for maximum effect. Or you can work backwards by choosing the jewellery first and then building an outfit around it.
  7. Leave room to experiment: You don’t have to stay in the confines of trends and what is latest in fashion. Work with what suits you, what you like and what you are comfortable to flaunt. Choose pieces that accentuate your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other pieces such as anklets, headpieces, waistbands, armlets, toe rings and body chains.

Build your collection with a wide variety, ranging from bold chunky statement pieces to delicate intricate and feminine ones. Make sure to wear the right pieces for the right occasion. Work with pieces that suit your sense of style, accentuate your features, and are perfect for your colour palette. The most important thing is to showcase your personality through your silver jewellery.

Wear what you think is right, most comfortable yet stylish!

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