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Spanner Buying Guide

When you are venturing for spanner set online India purchase be aware of the uses and which project you intend to use it for. It does help considerably if you are aware of the pros along with cons of each type of spanners. In addition you can learn about each part of a spanner and their names. Various types of wrenches and spanners are there in market for intended use. In North America spanners are referred to as wrenches. With it you turn a bolt, a nut that it intended to tighten. With a spanner you grip the given fixing be it a bolt, nut or a screw. It does allow you to apply torque and fasten it. To stop corrosion they are smeared in chrome and incorporated from forged steel.

With spanner size it is referred to as the size of the bolt or nut which is going to fit in the jaws. Imperial measurement and metrics are the standard measurement parameters. Before 1920 the measurement was made to the diameter of the threaded part and not the exteriors of a nut. This is a proven measurement that we have come across on various platforms. But this mode of measurement did not stand for long. Before spanner set buy there are three major types

  • For both motoring and DIY jobs open ended spanners are the most popular. Into the nut fits they have an open C
  • With ring spanners you are going to hold a nut with a ring
  • In case of combination spanners there is a ring at one end whereas the other side is open

All these set of spanners are not expensive but it is a must for every tool box.


To have a great collection of tools socket set seems to be an option for tackling bolts and nuts. For a spanner set they are rated to be an ideal replacement which means they are compact and easy to carry around. It proves to be a bit expensive and hard to reach certain awkward places.

Socket sets are incorporated with a ratchet that proves to be of immense help. It does save a lot of time as you do not need to take off the spanner from a bolt or nut and be ready for the next one. There are expensive versions of socket sets you will get, but less costly ones are available that will serve the needs of modern day household.

Adjustable spanners

These spanners can serve a wide range of nuts and bolts which saves the effort to carry along various spanners for a given work. One of the tricky issues is the usage as it might not fit into the bolt or the nut.

Apart from this loophole they are a handy device to possess in any tool box for ample reasons. The chances are more often that you may end up having one size of each spanner. When it comes to bolting or unbolting, it is a great option for holding bolt heads.

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