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Semitruck Accessories

While you’re doing your spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to survey your truck and think about some upgrades. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to change the look of your truck without spending lots of money. The following are three of the top semitruck accessories this spring.

Infinity LED Marker Lights 

Infinity LED marker lights for trucks are high-quality and even approved by the Department of Transportation. The bulbs come in red and amber, and the lenses come in red, amber or clear. The lens’s polycarbonate materials keep it from breaking. Each light is six inches long and two inches wide and has 13 diodes, so your truck can be seen clearly, even in the middle of the night. Each light is sold individually.

Smoke Vent Visors 

Vent visors are excellent at keeping debris, moisture and dirt out of your cab when you have your windows down. These vent shades for semitrucks are made from smoke acrylic, giving it a sleek and sharp black color. They cover the top and side of your window and are sold in pairs. Installation takes only minutes, and the visors can be attached with tape. There are models for a wide range of trucks.

Alcoa 1-Piece Rear Axle Cover Unimount 10 Lug 

Keep oil and rust stains away with an effective axle cover. Alcoa covers are designed for 10-lug, 33-millimeter unimount wheels that are either 22.5 or 24.5 inches. They are made of chrome plastic and have a nice shine. These covers are sold individually, and they are simple since each cover is only one piece. You can buy matching ones for your front axles, too. Don’t spend time trying to remove stubborn rust stains on your axles; install Alcoa axle covers and make your wheels look new again.

If you’re interested in any of these products, contact an expert for more information and to place an order today.

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