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Trends To Help You Get Ahead In The Market

Rapid technological advances often make strategies change very quickly. So being aware of trends is a good idea to get ahead of the market. For the Digital Marketing market, the scenario is no different. Apart from picking the top affiliate marketing software, here are a few trends pointed out by professionals in the area.

Competitive Intelligence

Analyzing data is a vital point in designing growth strategies and actions for companies. Competitive intelligence puts you ahead of your competitors. Using competitive data is critical to analyzing the points your business needs to improve and even creating new media opportunities in addition to basing its campaigns on real facts and not on “considerations”.

Marketing Automation Marketing

Technology is increasingly being used to optimize processes, improve results and engage consumers with brands thereby enabling the creation of increasingly effective strategies for the target audience. But for this it is important to offer differentiated experiences to consumers, to create a good relationship between them and to allow them to become faithful to that brand. And, of course, marketing automation will always be a great ally at this point.

Automating is beautiful! Even the name looks beautiful when we write. It may seem like something from another world but we are already embedded in this reality for so long that we do not even realize when we are being influenced by some process that is automated. For example, today most of the shopping process is automatic and we are led to the purchase believing that all the choices have been made by our mind. The best thing about automation in marketing is to scale up processes that would be costly when developed by many people. When we speak scale it is having the ability to sell 100’s of the same product with virtually the same features.

Digital Influencers

We know that partnerships with influencers grew in 2018 and, through their work with micro-influencers, several brands have adopted this strategy, especially those that operate in niche markets. According to market study, Instagram’s influencer market moved more than US $ 1 billion in 2018 and will see a significant increase in 2019.

2019 Will Be About New Perceptions And Possibilities In The IT Area

One point to note when designing a strategy with influencers is to select the ones that best fit the business to be announced. Here one should not only take into account the influence of the influencer, but also its relevance in the market that the company to be announced is inserted and if it has fit with the product.

Humanization Of Brands

Consumers are increasingly interacting with brands on social networks and on their pages, giving their opinions about their products and sharing their shopping experiences. Customers no longer shop in the dark. They search and look for leads they’ve already consumed in the store. That’s why brands need to create engagement actions and worry about what’s being said about it.

Consulting Is Fundamental

The use of Machine Learning and automation of bids on paid channels such as Google Ads has increasingly diminished the frequent need for manual performances. This scenario enables advertisers and agencies to focus on macro analysis and the building of effective business strategies and communications development. Today the role of an agency should be more advisory, going beyond the generation of leads via paid channels.

Usually the biggest problem of brands is after the acquisition of the leads. The most common questions are: ‘What do I do now? Should I call them? What should I include in an e-mail flow? How long do I wait to call?’ “It is at this moment that the agency enters a consulting role, understanding which path to adopt, establishing communication and qualification flows. This makes the agency in fact become a business partner of the brand and an important part of the result achieved.

Digital Marketing Niche

Recently, a platform was launched that was aimed at promoting products, companies and services for the agribusiness sector. The idea of creating a tool focused on the agro universe came from a market need.

Interactive Marketing Is A Booming Trend

This marketing action aims to interact with people and businesses can establish an infallible connection between the marketing actions and the customer relationship, which is also benefited by the adjustment to your preferences. Affiliate marketing offers interactive ad formats that drive this type of connection between the business and the customer to attract them and bring about relevant results. The goal is to deliver a different media in a customized and high-impact digital format, to enable more interaction of brands with their audiences. Let’s look at an example of a car sales affiliate program. Technology allows customers to spin the car on the website. They can even change accessories, change color and the wheels. They are even shown everything that is available on the dashboard of the vehicle, which also lights up.

Profound Marketing

This is a trend that brings together the best in Marketing, Sales, Business and Technology to identify opportunities and gaps within a company and develop strategies that help achieve specific goals. This is what marketing agencies offer. The great value proposition of Profound Marketing is to do a complete immersion in the customer, starting from the area of Marketing and Sales to understand what are the main barriers that impede its growth and what strategies can be developed to solve them and, in the end, impact all areas of the business.

Video Communication

With the diversity of platforms and new ways of receiving information, videos need to be extremely engaging and informative between businesses and the end user. Increasingly, brand content is gaining ground in digital media and compelling and informative content is driven by consumers themselves. Well designed and well executed brand content gains free distribution across a number of new media channels through consumer interest in that niche. This helps customers interact with the brand freely and also connect on a personal level.

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