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Building a Team for Your Startup

When you are just starting your business, the team that you are building is crucial. In a completely new venture, building your team needs to be one of the most important priorities. Team building is essential for numerous reasons. However, two important reasons, which stand out include scalability and working towards increasing the business revenue. When you are focusing on making your startup successful, it is also about creating a team that will be able to take opportunities and actions based on the requirement of the organization. If you are capable of getting the team right, you will be successful in winning half your battle. Your team members are not only going to be individuals who are working for your business. Rather, they are the business. You can talk to individuals belonging to diverse backgrounds so that every aspect of your business is handled perfectly. According to, team building is undoubtedly one of the most important investments that you are going to make for your startup organization.

Given below is a list of the crucial factors as well as strategies that you need to follow when you are building your team.

Remember to be honest with the team

Creating a team does not mean hiring people who are going to work for your organization. You have to look for common connections when you are staffing the startup so that the right chord is struck within the organization. Make sure that you are not hiding anything from the team. Remain as open and frank with them as possible. Even when you do not have surety about particular aspects within your business, it is your responsibility to convey this message to the team.

This is going to ensure that the team members will be able to trust you and they will also agree with the vision that you have. Also, it is important that you give them an idea regarding your objectives and goals and in case if they have any problems, they will exit in the initial stage as opposed to leaving your organization in the later stages. Make sure that you are conveying clearly what you are expecting from your team and the business in the long run.

Offer equity along with salary

This is one of the standard practices that are offered by most of the reputed and successful businesses from different parts of the globe. You must offer equity to the initial team. This will be responsible for motivating them and they will be interested in putting in extra hours, which are crucial for the success of your startup organization.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your equity comes with a certain lock period. This will ensure that you are not losing teammates during the early stages. Make sure that you are keeping the salaries low when you start as this is going to be easy for you to manage the finances without getting external funding.

Get the funding right

Whether you have the plan of building a service-oriented company or product-oriented company, you are going to require resources that are necessary for both marketing as well as development. The venture capital organizations prefer having a team that will be capable of running on their own and do not have to run on any external resources. You need to ensure that enough funds are present so that the business can run successfully without any breaks, for at least two or three quarters.

You might indeed have to opt for external financing at some point, it is suggested that you avoid depending on it when you are in the initial stages. You need to make sure that the organization has enough money for clearing the bills as well as the salaries of the team on the proper time. If you are opting for business loans, make sure that you study the debt relief options that are available by visiting

Do not feel scared of failure

It has been observed that most of the young entrepreneurs are scared of hiring those people who have failed in their lives. However, it is suggested that you hire those people. The reason behind this is that when you are running your startup, it is almost like walking constantly on thorns. People who have failed and learned from the experiences will be a valuable asset for your organization. These kinds of people do not lose motivation and this is going to be a great advantage for your business when you are facing challenges.

Lead the team

One of the good qualities of a leader is leading your team from the front. You need to set good examples for every individual team member. If you are not interested in doing a particular task and you are asking one of your team members to do it, it is obvious that the members will not take it positively. Make sure that you are leading your team in every possible aspect. If you are experiencing setbacks, take responsibilities and motivate the team to work as well as accomplish as many tasks as possible.

Have fun

Running your startup indeed involves several responsibilities. You should never stop having fun with the team. Ensure that even when there is great work pressure, you are not allowing the workload to overshadow hobbies as well as other motivational activities. Also, it is important to motivate the team constantly so that they can enjoy their lives as well. This will make sure that all your team members have a relaxed mental state when they are coming to work regularly.

Identify team members

You need to understand that all your team members might not be skilled in everything. You must identify the skills and specialty of every team member so that it becomes easier for you to assign them tasks. It is also important that you allow the team members to speak for themselves and let you know what they are good at. This will help them to feel a part of your organization within a short time.


Building the appropriate team is significant for any startup organization. At the end of the day, you along with your team members will be responsible for bringing in the trophy of success for your business, which is not possible if you are trying to handle every aspect of your business on your own.

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