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Exam Stress

There are too many factors for causing stress. But the main factor provoking the development of stress is a bad case. For university students, there is no time when they can relax. They can do it only in the summer. And every day during the studying period is becoming harder and harder for the student to come up with. And then, at the end of this hard period, the time of passing the final exams comes. And it becomes the most stressful period in the student’s life.

One of the Best Options to Avoid Exam Stress

To pass the session, you need to work hard. Very often this hard work becomes the main reason for student’s stress.

All students receive assignments for term papers several months before the deadline. But, not all students, due to various circumstances, have time to meet the deadlines. For example, you are an extramural student, need to work or stay with your family. Actually, you do not have time to write your term paper by yourself and think: “Who will write my term paper for me?”. It is easier to order it, and wait for the author to write it for you. This service such as CustomWritings will cost money. But if there is no other way out, you can use it and spend time doing the things that are more important for you at the moment. The main thing that you need to consider is that the author must write a term paper so that it deserves high marks. Not every author can cope with this task.

Indicate the topic of the future term paper and the actual deadlines for the work to be finished. It will help you to avoid the misunderstanding with the author.

How to Combat Stress before an Exam?

If you are going to write your term paper yourself, stressful situations during this period cannot be avoided. There is no magic treatment for pre-examination stress, but there are ways that can help you to combat it.

  • Hope for the best, get ready for the best as well. You do not need to program yourself with thoughts like “What horror it will be if I don’t surrender”, “My parents will be very disappointed”, “I’m so prepared that I definitely won’t succeed”. We need to forget these phrases like a nightmare. Think positively, because it all starts with our inner attitudes. If you think you can do it, it will be so. You need to more often say to yourself: “I make every effort to achieve a result, everything will work out.” And not to forget to praise yourself even for small successes.
  • Create an exam image. Try to simulate the exam situation as possible. Try to mentally live day X: here I come into the room, sit down at my desk, open the envelope with the task, and so on. The more detailed your ideas about the exam will be, the less panic will be on that very important day.
  • Have a rest. Haven’t you seen your friends for several months? Are you working for 24 hours a day? Don’t you remember when was the last time you went to the cinema? This is bad and you should change it. Our nervous system is not a perpetual motion machine, and the body needs rest. By the way, do not forget that rest is a change of activity. Switch to something active: skiing, swimming, dancing, gym. This will help to gain energy. Playing a computer in four walls is not a good idea. Brain needs oxygen, and the body needs physical activity.
  • Get creative. Yes, creativity is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. You have long wanted to draw, write a poem, learn to sing or dance? Do not be afraid to spend a couple of hours a week on these classes, this will only be beneficial.
  • Healthy eating and good sleep. Try not to consume caffeine-containing drinks during stressful periods of life. Refuse fast carbohydrates as well. Eat more protein, and replace bad sweets with honey and nuts. Memory and attention will be grateful to you! By the way, for memory, it is very useful to eat yogurts, nuts, avocados, fish, blueberries, and cinnamon.
  • Do not hold back your emotions. You’re not a robot, right? All people tend to worry, so do not shut yourself up and think that no one will understand you. Do not be shy to seem emotional, tell your loved ones why you worry, what exactly scares you in the exam. Remember, that the support of your loved ones is what you need now.

Hope these tips will help you to deal with pre-exam stress. Be sure, you will cope with stress and surrender everything exactly as you wanted. Or even better. Good luck!


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