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Steroids and alcohol

Young people who engage in sports and body building with the support of pharmacology tend to lead a healthy lifestyle. But there are rare exceptions – athletes who do not mind relaxing on a weekend with a glass of beer or something stronger. Why is alcohol and anabolic steroids not the best company for each other, and what are the consequences of abuse on the course?

Why should not combine alcohol and anabolics?

One of the main physicochemical properties of alcohol is the ability to retain water in the body. Not without reason, after a plentiful “libation”, a person observes edema on the body – all the fault is a violation of the water balance, which provokes ethyl alcohol.

The intake of most anabolic steroids in itself is accompanied by the accumulation of fluid in the body. Buy anavar in usa without a prescription is possible. This is especially true for aromatizing preparations such as testosterone esters, methandrostenolone and methyltestosterone. If you take alcohol in addition, the problem will worsen – the liquid will accumulate even more, and swelling will become even more pronounced. Definitely forget about beer and other alcohol will have to be dried, otherwise you can never get rid of excess moisture.

There is evidence that the beer beloved by many is able to increase the amount of female hormones estrogen in the male body. Against the background of taking steroid drugs, which are already converted into estrogens, an even more pronounced imbalance is observed in the endocrine system. It will take a long recovery, so that the hormonal background levels out and side effects disappear.

Alcohol has another undesirable effect – it delays the destruction of fat cells. This complicates the processes of muscle relief formation and negates all efforts aimed at pumping muscles.

The consequences of taking alcohol on a steroid course

Most of all, the liver suffers from an aggressive combination. She is forced to purify the blood from the decay products of not only pharmacological agents, but also ethyl alcohol. Increased chemical stress provokes poisoning of the liver up to toxic damage to the liver cells. Against the background of the lesion, jaundice develops – the skin and whites of the eyes acquire a yellow tint. This is one of the most dangerous symptoms that should make an athlete change his mind.

Other health hazards:

  • a decrease in protein production, which leads to a slowdown in muscle growth;
  • the occurrence of hormonal imbalance in both women and men taking anabolics;
  • fatigue and reduced physical stamina;
  • mood swings, outbreaks of aggression, depression and lethargy;
  • pathological growth of the myocardium (heart muscle);
  • vascular problems, jumps in blood pressure and hypertension.

In general, mixing anabolic steroids and alcohol can produce the most unexpected side effects, which even doctors sometimes cannot predict. You will also have to give up smoking – tobacco smoke depresses the work of the lungs, which cease to supply muscles and tissues with sufficient oxygen. It is oxygen that is important for quality training, endurance and strength of the athlete. Refusing to smoke, the athlete at times increases its capabilities and competitiveness in front of rivals.

It is advisable to abandon bad habits not only during the course, but to completely switch to a healthy lifestyle. In this case, you will get the maximum effect both from taking steroids and from training.

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