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Norman serves as the audience’s proxy, allowing Ayer to show us the ropes as the kid is forced into a situation more intense than he’s ready to handle: Norman retches after discovering the scalp of a German soldier while scrubbing the blood from his seat in the tank. As war-movie cliches go, the onscreen spew is off-putting yet effective (Tom Hanks did it when he landed on Normandy Beach in “Saving Private Ryan”), the tough-guy equivalent of watching a neophyte take his first smoke onscreen.

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The poster boy for S.L.A. Marshall’s infamous statistic, estimated in his book “Men Against Fire,” that 75% of American troops in World War II never pulled the trigger for the purpose of killing, Norman has serious reservations about handling the machine gun he’s assigned. But he grows up fast as tough-love Wardaddy treats the kid like his own “war son.”

It’s either that or risk letting the incompetent new team member get everyone in the crew killed, which is just the over-simplistic dynamic Ayer exploits for the remainder of the film. There’s even a poignant if somewhat protracted interlude featuring “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” star Anamaria Marinca and younger beauty Alicia von Rittberg (“Barbara”), in which Pitt’s character enables the incredulous Norman to lose his virginity: “She’s a good, clean girl. If you don’t take her in that bedroom, I will.”

It was cigar-chomping World War II vet Samuel Fuller who practiced the philosophy that the first shot and last shot of each of his films was the most important. The same could be true of “Fury,” which opens and closes with corpse-strewn battlefields, which bookend the film with haunting evidence of the aftermath of war. Generally speaking, “Fury” looks less like recent war movies — with their modern, handheld camerawork and overall emphasis on immersion — than the more classically framed studio pics of an earlier era, where careful attention has been paid to meticulous compositions. The same goes for Steven Price’s score, which offers variations on a single three-note motif, poignant when appropriate, but also easily expandable into a full-blown military theme as needed.

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