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breast cancer

If you are having cancer and want to treat that while you are pregnant, then do not worry, you can treat the cancer while you are pregnant and it is safe for you. There are many good an safe medicines that can help you to get well. Though you have limited options, your baby will be safe. You need to plan the treatment with great care and you need to talk to the experts before you start the treatments.

There are many factors on which your treatment of breast cancer during pregnancy will depend such as

The size of the tumor

If the size of the tumor is small then mild medication is enough but if the size is big then you need to take some strong medicines.

The location

The place where the tumor is located is more important. The medicine will be given as per the location. It will also depend on how far is the cancer spread in the body. Your pregnancy face is also an important factor. In which trimester you are is considered.

Health conditions

Your health conditions also will be considered while deciding the treatments. The doctors will first check if the medicines are suitable for you or not.

The treatments is safe for your fetes. Doctors may recommend you  oncology pregnancy medicine that will not have any adverse effects. Chemotherapy is also advisable for the baby if it is done in the second or in the third trimester. Doctors will not advise you this therapy in the first trimester as the baby is not yet developed. Doctors may also advise you to get the surgery done and they claim that it is completely safe for the fetes. While there may be many options and doctors may suggest the same as per the health conditions of the woman.

There is an option to remove the entire breast or the doctors may also tell you to remove only a single part where there is presence of cancer as the baby may need breastfeeding.

Mastectomy is another common treatment that is advised to the pregnant women. Most of the women  may require to get the radiation therapy after the surgery and it may affect the baby in your womb and hence it can be given only after the childbirth. If the radiations are delayed too much then there is a risk of cancer coming back to the body.

If the cancer is diagnosed in the  third trimester of pregnancy then BCs can be an alternative as there will not be much delay for the radiation treatment. If cancer is diagnosed in the very early stage that is first trimester of the pregnancy then there is risk of coming it back as the radiation cannot be done immediately.  If you want to get the cancer treatment while you are pregnant, do not worry, it is safe for your baby and you too. Just ask the experts and have a healthy baby.

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