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Pandemic Inspired Fashion and Beauty Trends

With the coronavirus outbreak, things have changed greatly around the planet. Starting from how people used to interact, to change in working standards, the list of amendments during the coronavirus outbreak is hard to keep up with. While everyone is struggling to adapt to the new normal, the fashion industry and beauty trends are playing their part in allowing people to keep up with the things pouring in.

The fashion, beauty, and entertainment industry around the world was booming for many years. However, as soon the COVID-19 pandemic struck and brought new modes of working in every sphere of life, the entertainment, beauty, and fashion industry was subjected to its misery as well.

Pandemic Inspired Fashion and Beauty Trends

If we talk about the entrainment industry alone, then many predictions have failed to materialize due to the fear of coronavirus outbreak. However, this does not mean that people are devoted to spending their lives without consuming entrainment. Instead, the pandemic gave a huge blow to cable TV and internet streaming needs.

Cable TV service providers such as Spectrum TV and its Spectrum Silver package  allowed customers to enjoy cable TV entrainment in their homes at affordable rates during the coronavirus crisis in the United States. Similarly, the internet streaming platforms had also bundled up some amazing shows on their platform to keep the lonely people entertained.

On the other hand, the beauty and fashion industry found some major changes pouring in during the coronavirus outbreak. Not only did the virus restrict fashion industry travel but wearing a mask is now a mandatory style of living which halted many beauty trends that were firing in the pre coronavirus days.

However, the industry that is known for coming up with better, admirable, innovative ideas even in the times of utmost crisis, did not let the pandemic get hold of them. Instead, many new fashion and beauty trends are now emerging as a result of the coronavirus debacle. Not only that, we all are pretty much aware of the constantly spreading state of the virus, the time has come for us to learn to live with the virus around us.

Therefore, here are some of the fashion and beauty trends that you need to get hold of right now to come fabulous out of the pandemic:

Say Hello to False Lashes

In the fashion and beauty industry, making eyes speak thousands of words has always been a highlight. However, with the coronavirus crises making face masks a mandatory fashion and living style, making sure your eyes have all the glam has now become essential.

In regards to this, false lashes have seen a great rise in the fashion and beauty industry. With an average 15 percent increase in weekly sales in May. The false lashes are making big business during the coronavirus outbreak.

On the other hand, mascara sales have also seen a rise of 11 percent in the same period that shows high demand for eye beauty-related products, including the eyebrow products as well.

Without any surprise, the sales of lip products saw a decline in the coronavirus outbreak. This is because there is no point in spending hundreds of bucks on lip products that will be under the mask and won’t get the appreciation it deserves.

Say Goodbye to High Heels and Dress Shoes

High heels and dress shoes were already seeing a decline in their demand even before then pandemic hit us. However, the coronavirus debacle acted as the last nail in the coffin of these shoes and now it is tata-bye-bye for them.

According to the NPD, dress shoes sales for women and men saw a plunge of 70 percent in March and April this year.

This plunge is a result of the high demand for comfort and relaxation among the people during the coronavirus outbreak. While for many months people were confined in their homes only to move from one room to another. This has increased the likeness of comfort in their homes. There is no longer space for glam beauty that only brings discomfort to an already disturbed lifestyle.

Therefore, people have been more inclined towards purchasing slippers, crocs, and more comfortable shoes. The experts also believe that as Americans will return to their workplaces, this trend of avoiding heels and dress shoes only to have comfort in life will continue.

Returning to Basics

The coronavirus outbreaks have managed to bring many people back to their grounds. With the overall economic crisis and people struggling to get back to their lavish lifestyle, the virus outbreak has brought back the importance of having a basic living standard.

While the malls, shopping centers have stated reopening in some of the states, the store owners should not expect their racks to become empty in a glimpse.

With money tight, the diligent retailers have indulged the evergreen basics and adopted neutral styles of the fashion industry.

This new approach of returning to the basics has encouraged retailers to stock up classic-cut jeans, khaki pants, plain T-shirts, and beige products that sell right away.


While it is practically impossible to forecast the upcoming fashion and beauty trends, it is safe to say that the trends we quoted above are not going away any time soon. How has your fashion sense changed in 2020?

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