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Menopause Supplements

Supplements for menopause are an auxiliary element of the climax treatment, which is used along with lifestyle correction and the study of the psychological state. Additives fight a wide range of menopausal symptoms and normalize estrogen circulation. They are characterized by a high level of safety and portability. Menopause supplements, like other groups of natural preparations, are not intended for self-medication and can only be used by prior agreement with the gynecologist.

How Do Menopause Supplements Affect a Woman in the Climax

Climax additives are effective thanks to their phytoestrogens. After taking the means, the active substance combines with estrogen receptors and exhibits an effect similar to hormonal drugs. However, unlike the latter, the best menopause supplements are better tolerated by women.

Most often, the following components are included in menopause supplements:

  1. Cimicifuga. Such a component stimulates estrogen receptors, restores the process of thermoregulation, strengthens the autonomic nervous system. Cimicifuga-based supplements are used if there are contraindications to MHT;
  2.  Genistein – isoflavone (phytoestrogen) derived from soy. This is a substance with maximum estrogen-like properties, which prevents or reduces flushing, sweating, vaginal dryness, and heart palpitations. Interacts with beta receptors of the vascular walls, brain, genitourinary system, bone tissue. It reproduces the mechanisms that are characteristic of estrogen. Regular intake reduces the risk of colorectal tumors, as well as urinary and reproductive system dysfunctions. Menopause supplements with such an active substance reduce the excretion of calcium from bones, prevent fractures, have a vasoconstrictive effect, improve estrogen circulation, are well tolerated by women;
  3.  Red clover – a plant-based on 4 main phytoestrogens (isoflavones): biocaine A, formononetin, daidzein, and genistein. These substances are as close as possible to natural female estrogens and are able to quickly reduce the symptoms of the climax;
  4.  Dioscorea – a plant that stimulates the production of DHEA – a precursor substance of sex hormones. The component also accelerates tissue regeneration, slows down the aging process;
  5.  Vitex, the fruits of which contain active components that can cope with nervous tension, insomnia, and increased anxiety. Menopause supplements based on this plant are preferable for those who experience intensive mood swings.

When Is Menopause Supplements’ Use Appropriate?

Supplements for menopause are well tolerated and have a lower risk of developing unwanted side effects compared to hormonal drugs. Therefore, with moderate climacteric, they are used as an alternative to MHT. Menopause supplements help reduce the manifestation of many symptoms of menopause, relieve hot flashes, and emotional instability.

The main indications for their use are as follows:

  1.  hot flashes;
  2.  tachycardia;
  3.  dry skin, the fragility of the nail plates and hair;
  4.  increased irritability and nervousness;
  5.  headache;
  6.  increased sweating;
  7.  dizziness;
  8.  sleep disturbance;
  9.  mood swings;
  10.  fatigue and apathy;
  11.  high blood pressure.

Side Effects

Among women who have experienced the effects of supplements for menopause, there is a very small percentage of those who have experienced side effects. For the most part, climax additives do not provoke the appearance of negative manifestations. The cases when females in menopause were unsatisfied with the natural menopause supplements are due to the fact that they did not consult a doctor and experienced allergic reactions to the components of the preparations.

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