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Lifetime free demat account

Stock trading is turning to be a hot activity and numbers of people entering the stock market is increasing at a tremendous rate. There is nothing like academic qualification or financial status to prevent people from entering the stock market. Anyone who has attained the age of 18 years can enter the stock market of India to start making use of the unlimited earning potentials. But you can’t canter the stock market without a demat account and the professional service of stockbrokers. Stockbrokers are the authorized persons to provide you with demat and trading account and to engage in trading on behalf of you.

Demat account

There are several stockbrokers and brokerage firms in the country. There is no doubt that the supreme aim of the any of the brokers will be to make some money out of you in terms of account opening charge, account maintenance charge and brokerage fee. Hence you should make a good research and select the best demat account. Demat account is the account where the stocks, shares and commodities and stored in digital format and you need this account till the time you love to trade in the stock market. There are brokers to provide demat account for free of cost. Here are some interesting facts about free Lifetime Free Demat Account.

Free demat account

There are two important charges that come in connection with demat account; account opening charges and maintenance charges. When some brokers provide free account opening charges others provide free maintenance charges. Hence you should compare both charges and it is a good idea to select the demat account with lifetime free maintenance cost. Account opening charge is just a one-time charge and maintenance charge is something that is collected frequently. So demat account with lifetime free maintenance cost helps you save a good amount.

Reduces overall trading expense

Free demat account helps you save overall trading expense. There are reputed discounted brokers in the county to provide zero brokerage plans as part of free demat account. These plans make the trader free from providing any type of cost for any of the trades. This plan is introduced to attract more and more investors to the Indian stock market and it is well accepted by the new traders of the county. Zero brokerage plan along with the free demat account helps the trader to save a lot of amount on overall trading expense and enjoy good returns.

Additional services

Reputed brokers of the county providing free demat account never make a compromise on the quality of the services. They provide a wide range of additional services including research reports, mobile app, advanced online trading platform and more for the free demat account holders. Research reports and live market updates help the trader to make the right decisions to buy or sell stocks and shares at the right time to earn good profit by reducing the risks of the loss. Now it is your time to open a Lifetime Free Demat Account with the best discount brokers of the county to provide zero brokerage plan and well-designed minimum brokerage plans.

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