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Water treatment

Water is the most important aspect in human life along with oxygen. Our body has 70% water, which is justified in itself on why water is the battery to human life. Since inception there have been all kinds of things in this universe which are beneficial and some are harming. Let us talk about the earth, where numerous resources are human friendly, but also, there are human enemy elements as well. For example, water is considered to be the prime source of our existence also because it contains certain minerals which are useful for our body. If dirty water is consumed, it can cause serious health problems which can lead to prolonged illness as well as death in most of the cases if not treated on time.

Turbid water is that water, which has some harmful elements like organic and inorganic substances, some kinds of odour, which is not transparent and also tastes different. Turbid water has all these properties because it may carry some dangerous substances injurious to health like viruses, bacteria and threatening materials. If water of this condition is consumed, it will result in diseases like diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, ring worm, hook worm etc. Prevention is always considered to be better than cure. Therefore, it is our right to get clear, filtered, treated and purified water for drinking for our best health.

Scientist and researches have followed our previous rituals closely where to clean, slightly dirty water we used basic techniques which were fruitful then, and now when the technology has risen so much, those studies have helped making and setting up water treatment plants and water purifier systems. If clean water is required to be generated from a wastewater, then the process is different and longer because of the large amount and efficiency involved in the process. In wastewater treatment, water goes through different stages like screens; where large particles in the water are removed. Then sedimentation; where water is stored and heavier particles settle down, a third stage is aeration; where air is passed through it to remove the odour. In the end it is filtration and disinfection; where certain chemicals are added to remove impurities. Whereas in case of water purification; it is usually done for drinking water. The water is passed through a semi permeable membrane and pressure is applied to it which acts as a filter and removes almost all the impurities present in it. This kind of process is known as reverse osmosis.

The result of both kinds of treatments is that wastewater can be reused for household purpose as the treated water is clean enough to meet the washing demands of the humans. The purified water from reverse osmosis is fit for drinking as it removes all the threat causing germs, giving us clear and healthy water to drink. Therefore, water treatment is a boon to mankind and a life changing attempt.

Different plants for water purification are welcomed and being settled all across the globe. The 150 lph water RO water purifier is easily available in the market and is an instant success. The installation and setup is also very human friendly. The 150 lph RO plant price is very reasonable given the amount of work and health benefits it has.

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