How to Run like a Pro Using Digital Health Technologies?

Using Digital Health Technologies

If you’re unfamiliar or uninterested to the massive community of sports runners and joggers out there, it’s difficult to imagine how and why putting one leg in front of the other very fast can be fun and joyful. But if anytime you feel like trying it out and get the idea, have a look at some methods especially digital health technologies to get you going.

But why people run?

Some will never understand why people actually run because it’s tough, tiring and boring. Sometimes you go in circles, passing the same landscape by and over and if you’re doing this without any music or unaccompanied, the experience is totally silence and lonely. But then, why more than 600,000 runners participated in the annual marathons in the U.S. or nearly 50-million across the European Union? Looking at the count from the EU, it exceeds the total population of Spain which again provokes the question on the motivational factor which get them going.

Others say that the true joy is experienced afterwards in form of runner’s high when individual(s) starts feeling the euphoria and the brain is on endorphins. Some believe that the drive to outperform other in a competition makes them run faster and better every time unless the goal has been achieved. People also say that they run because they finally found a community if runners which stimulates the sense of belonging.

A smart advice

Active sportsmen can be data-geeks and have a strong desire for the latest in digital technologies which brings them out of the house and join the pack of runners. They even connect the gadget with a doctor’s app which gives them real-time insight on the calories being burned during the activity. The truth is however the fact that technology only aids the effort, guide on the movements and emphasise your achievements. Though the motivation is rare, there’s no denying that data-freaks out there are driven into the sport with technology.

What you choose matters most

Take for instance the FitBit Alta HR smartwatch that can measure the fitness level and heart rate. Carry out some warm-up exercises before running for as long as you feel it’s fun even for five-minutes. You’ll eventually reconsider the activity for the next day and will be motivated to increase the workout time with fewer or no breaks in between. Different digital devices and wearable healthcare comes with varying features to boost motivation and promises better health so your choice definitely matters.

Absolute motivation

Consider the case of Dell Sargent; a health facilities planner who restarted his running routine after being a father of two sons so that they can see how active he is. Dell says that the motivation is inherited as his grandfather, back in 1936, was a member of Cornell University’s cross-country championship team.

He further added that latest technology and data have always added a new level of excitement given to the fact that the integrated doctor’s app and tracker technology keeps a history of user’s activities while sharing data on number of calories burned, heart rate and so on.

Sargent prefers using Apple’s built-in exercise app which helps him achieve the daily rings and goals whereas he has been keeping up with the routine for more than four years now. Consider it your ultimate online medical service or something like seeking consultancy of a health doctor online.

Running-friendly apps & fitness trackers

  • Strava is the first choice for active cyclists and runners which further gained popularity as the makers released a data visualisation map tracking almost three trillion GPS data points. The location of US Army bases was accidently revealed by the app since soldiers also use it.
  • MyFitnessPal is highly preferred for those who wish to combine the running activity with calorie count.
  • Mapmyrun is on-the-go mobile run tracking solution that can be synched with the smart shoes to be used with or without a smartphone.
  • Runkeeper is a premium choice for more than 50-millions runners across the word as it can track your running steps as well as connects you to the active community.

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