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deal with pain during pregnancy

Not only joy and happiness but pregnancy brings a sense of responsibility as a woman becomes a mother at the end of the journey.  During pregnancy a woman has to go through various experiences which she has never experienced before.  Some of them are extremely uncomfortable and causes a lot of pain to pregnant women.  All this happens because the pregnant women’s body adjusts with all the hormonal changes which are necessary for the development of a fetus to a newborn baby. It is essential that a woman should have a positive attitude and deal with all the discomfort confidently because at the end of the journey the sweet smile and warmth of a newborn baby is waiting for her.

Pregnancy pains

A woman during her pregnancy experiences different types of pain in her body which is a part of her journey to become a mother.  The pain mostly located at the lower abdomen and back of pregnant women.  during pregnancy, there is a chance of leg pain also.   Mild pain in the abdominal region and other parts of the body during pregnancy is common but if the pain is severe and refuses to go then it is recommended to visit a medical practitioner.  If you are experiencing excruciating pain in lower abdomen or any other part of your body you should not waste time and immediately visit a doctor because it could be a warning sign of the impending danger.

Reasons of pain during pregnancy

  • Formation of gas and constipation during pregnancy

The digestion of a pregnant woman is different from the period when she was not pregnant.  The digestion rate is slow due to the expansion of the uterus.  The expanding uterus is responsible for the increasing pressure on the rectum and as result constipation is common during pregnancy.  If constipation persisted for more than 3-4 days then severe pain is observed in the lower abdominal region. If you are going through such pain, consult your physician and take pregnancy medicine for pain.

  • Cramps

Due to the rapid expansion of the uterus, pregnant women often experience cramps in the abdominal region which is very common.  The round ligament cramps are also observed in the lower abdominal region which causes discomfort and needs medical attention.

  • Infections in the urinary tract

As the immune system of a pregnant woman is fragile, infection in the urinary tract is very common during pregnancy and causes a serious threat to the mother and the baby.   If you are having a urinary tract infection during your pregnancy immediately consult the doctor and take medicines as protection could spread to the Kidneys and become life-threatening.

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions the ectopic pregnancy, preterm labor and miscarriage are also responsible for pain during pregnancy.

Precautions to be taken

Exercises are very important for muscle flexibility during pregnancy.  Strong muscles of a pregnant woman can tolerate the pregnancy pain.  Plenty of water and fluid must be taken if you are pregnant so that the intensity of the pain during pregnancy can be lowered. Pain medication while pregnant must be done after consulting the physician.


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