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Fantasy Football

We all love to play one or the other outdoor games. But nowadays the situation has become so complicated that it is not possible to play games outside. There is nothing to worry about because every problem has a solution so is in this case. The best alternative to outdoor games is the fantasy games, which will provide you the real feeling of the game just on your phone. Not only this, but you will also be provided with the chance of earning great cash prizes in return. The most played fantasy game is football. Even there are many fantasy football app that provides the real graphic and effects that will make you play the game live you are playing in the reality.

For playing fantasy football you need to register yourself with the online playing platform. Once you are registered with the platform you can select the game which you want to play. Every game has a different set of rules that are to be followed. Once you have selected the type of game you want to play, you can create your team of eleven players which will include one goalkeeper, three to five midfielders, three to five attackers, and three to five defenders, the person is provided with a set budget under which only he needs to select his whole team. It is highly preferable to select different players from different teams so that you can create a heterogeneous group that will help to compete with any type of team. Even in the team, you need to select a one-star player and one captain. Make sure that both these players should not be the same because the scoring pattern of both these players is different.

You can only win a match if you have deep knowledge about the scoring pattern. Every game has a different scoring pattern. To understand it in a better way you can also go for the practice matches first. To understand the scoring pattern of fantasy football, the following are the details about it. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Attacking pattern: For each goal scored by a goalkeeper the team earns nine points whereas s goal scored by midfielders and defender are eight points and seven points respectively. Whenever the attacking player scores a goal he gets ten points. For each goal assist team gets five points and if a player miss penalty five points are deducted from the score earned by the team.
  • Defence pattern: For two fouls committed there is a deduction of one point and for every two saves, per two clearance and two blocks team gets one point each. If a player saves one penalty he earns seven points for his team. For a clean sheet by the goalkeeper, defender and midfielders are six points, four points, and three points respectively.
  • Bonus score pattern: For being a part of 11 players team gets four points. The player that comes as a substitute get one point. Players who can play more than sixty minutes are awarded one point each. For any penalty or misconduct, the player can get yellow or red cards which will deduct two and four-point respectively. A player who does their own goal gets the team score deducted by five points. A player that makes hattrick of the goal is awarded six points. The winning team gets a bonus of two points for winning the match. The team for conceding more than three players gets their score deducted by two points. Teams that play a fair game is awarded one point. The team which has maximum possessions are also awarded one point.
  • There are also two players in the team that is a one-star player and one captain. The scoring pattern of these two players is different. The Star player gets two times of score he earned whereas the captain of the team gets one and a half points of the score earned by his team. So it is better not to take both these players as one as it will give a great impact on the score of the team.

So these are some of the important points that are followed while playing fantasy football. By following all the rules and regulations of the game you will love this game. Not only this, but there are also lots of benefits to playing fantasy games. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Refer and earn: The main purpose of the game owners is to promote the online gaming platform to most of the people. If the existing player refers to the online gaming platform to another person and the other person join the games, then the first person will be awarded some gift prizes like cashback or coupons, etc.
  • Instant withdrawal: The online gaming platform provides you with an instant cash withdrawal. There are many payment modes according to your preference you can select them and take the money that you have earned from the matches. This benefit is one of the most important benefits that make the online gaming platform much more reliable and secure.
  • Weekly tasks: The players are provided with weekly tasks. By doing all these tasks you can earn a much more exciting gift and cashback. These tasks make the player to play more frequently and in a better way. These acts are the practice matches for the final leagues.
  • Freee pots: The players are provided with free pots where they can select their team and conduct the practice matches. This will help them to know where to improve and what all things can be done in more innovative.

All the benefits of playing fantasy games make these online games more popular among people. Fantasy football is one of the most played online games. There is a large number of people around the world that love this game and play fantasy football to complete their charm of playing with their favorite players. There is no end to the love for these games. The online gaming platform has designed the games in such a way that the person will get a real feeling of playing the game.

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