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Reciting Nursery Rhymes

Most parents consider teaching their babies and pre-school children how to rhyme irrelevant. You may agree with their viewpoint to a certain extent. However, prominent educational experts say they are wrong. It is an essential part of their overall development as these kids an advance in age.  Extensive research in this field reveals an astonishing fact. Toddlers who are good at singing and reciting nursery rhymes become proficient in reading.

Moreover, they develop certain inherent learning and verbal skills at a very young age. This makes it easier for them to master different languages with ease. They generally end up getting better grades at school than their peers. This is certainly what you want for your cute little near and dear one.

Is it worthwhile to encourage your toddler to listen, sing and recite nursery rhymes?

The professionals say babies and toddlers love to play whenever they get the chance. You shouldn’t expect your little one to be any different. They say such activities allow these pre-school children to learn something new. The same fact is true with regard to singing and reciting nursery rhymes.  It helps to develop their memory and recall what they listen to. They go on to the point following 3 important benefits of encouraging your child to do so:

  1. Enhances cognitive abilities

Nursery rhymes are essential centuries-old stories in a musical form. People have been passing them down from one generation to another. Each of them has an introduction, middle and a conclusive ending. Reciting them on a regular basis helps to hone your toddler’s sequential reasoning abilities. This is essential for developing his/her memory as he/her advances in age. This should give you a good reason to introduce popular rhymes and songs for babies to your child. It can be an enjoyable experience for both of you. Moreover, taking such a step can do your near and dear one a world of good.

  1. Promotes reading skills in toddlers as grow up

The educational specialists point out there a positive correlation between singing, rhyming, and reading. Pre-school children who have a talent for reciting nursery rhymes become very good readers. This is because it enhances their phonemic awareness. Toddlers become aware of the proper sounds of new words when singing and rhyming. They also understand their proper placement in any sentence. It is the first step towards introducing them to the world of literacy.

  1. Boost physical activity

Toddlers simply love to sing and recite nursery rhymes with their peers or parents. They simply love to make gestures with their limbs to the verses of cheerful music. This goes a long way in developing their motor skills. Listening and learning the age-old rhymes also introduces them to various forms of emotions.

You probably have a better understanding of the need to recite nursery rhymes to your toddler. Taking this step can be instrumental in his/her development. It can enhance his/her proficiency in reading, memorizing, recalling and learning new languages. The above 3 important advantages of taking this step prove this fact beyond any doubt.

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