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Tata Nano

The acclaimed Nissan owned automobile firm Datsun recently launched the Redi-Go an entry level hatchback sold at a valuable price of Rs 2.39 lakh and hence is the most affordable vehicle in the segment. The car is a product of high-end technology engineered on an advanced CMF-A Platform. The Redi-Go is a highly desired car and a creation of unmatched style and technology and one of its stiff competitors is Tata Nano, also a desirable vehicle. For people who are keen on the Redi-Go or Tata Nano, which one would you choose, let us compare and find out.


Have a glance at the Redi-Go and it is exceptionally stylish and the design is well-suited to the taste of young and lively demographic. The first sight of attraction is the tall boy design and the huge hexagonal honeycomb grille and the layout of sweptback headlight is amazing as well. The bumper too is molded into a neat structure and it adds layers of uniqueness to the vehicle. Observe the side view and here too there is distinctiveness visible on the neatly sculpted character lines along the side of the vehicle and when you look at it you will be reminded of owning a unique car with a class performing style statement. The design of the tail lights is one of a kind as well shaped into an arty boomerang structure. The 13 inch wheels looks trendy and it intensifies the cool and youthful image of the vehicle.

Whenever we think of the Tata Nano, the first impression that emerges is a chic vehicle, Tata Motors has launched the 2015 Gen X Nano and it is a distinctively styled car. When you observe the vehicle from the front the first sight of attraction is the superb looking smiley-shaped bumper. The style quotient of the headlight is great designed into neat slanting structures and it builds the sophistication value of the vehicle. A characteristic feature to look into is the neat black line positioned between headlights. The side view of the vehicle is attractive, and here too there is a neat line but it is not as artistic as Redi-Go. The rear profile looks good as well defined by the elongated tail lights.


After keenly observing the exterior of Redi-Go, who would not want to dig into the interiors, step inside and you will be greeted by a vibrant grey atmosphere visible on the seats, gear lever and dashboard. The center console looks amazing covered in a neat shiny black and there is a world-class infotainment unit with AUX and USB connectivity. There isn’t much of storage space and the dimension of interior room isn’t significant either. The seats are however comfortable and offers decent amount of thigh and lumbar support and the other drawback is the absence of adjustable headrest.

Sitting inside the GenX Nano is one of the best experiences ever, it looks so much better than the previous car. The sight of the shiny silver and black center console and glossy orange instrument cluster is superb. The steering wheel looks amazing too covered in premium black material and the air con is powerful. When you look at the front seats, you will get blown away by the magnificent tint of orange. The seats are comfortable and there is decent amount of space inside with ample shoulder, leg and head room and four occupants can easily tuck in.

Engine and Mileage:

Redi-Go is equipped with a 0.8-liter engine that generates 72Nm and 54PS and it moves with a class-performing mileage of 25.17kmpl.

The Tata Nano GenX runs on a 1-liter 3-cylinder petrol mill and it generates 51Nm and 37bhp and it too moves on an impressive 25.35kmpl mileage.


Redi-Go is engineered with a revolutionary H-shaped beam rear suspension enabling an efficient handling making driving the car pleasurable experience. The car can maneuver across any kind of terrain and it can even overcome potholes and bumps. There is however a drawback to consider, after taking a U-turn it is difficult to shift the steering to the straight position, and it takes time. You have to be gentle with the brakes, if you press too hard, the brakes get locked.

The Nano is engineered with an effective handling system, and it has independent suspension and gas dampers on the front and rear. This sort of suspension enables convenient parking even in compact spaces. The suspension is robust and well-suited to match the needs of typical urban driving road conditions. An important point to remember is do not drive harshly, otherwise the car will not tolerate unruly roads, when driven gently the Nano can cross over bumpy roads effectively.


As mentioned earlier, you have to be gentle with brakes, it tends to get into the lock mode when pressed too hard. The Redi-Go has high-end safety features such as crumple zone and the most loaded car has driver airbag, and there is no ABS on any of the variants.

The security fittings of GenX Nano are effectual with regard to offering decent level of protection, the doors have side impact beams, and the increased dimension has allowed for full-length frontal protection and greater level of crumple zone protection. The car however does not have ABS and airbag.


Redi-Go is sold in bright and classy shades such as grey, silver, ruby red, white and lime green and Nano GenX is offered in greater range of color options which is Persian rose, Pearl white, Dazzle blue, Damson purple, Sangria red, Meteor silver and Royal gold.  The color choices here are intriguing and royal.


The Redi-Go is sold in six variants, going from the most loaded to basic variant, the specs on offer are S, T Option, T, A and D.

The Nano GenX is CNG XM, XTA, XMA, XT, XM and XE- From the most loaded to basic variant.


The Redi-Go is sold at Rs 2.4 to 3.4 lakh and Nano GenX is offered at Rs 2 to 3 lakh


With regard to exterior styling the Redi-Go is more attractive and modish, the interior décor of Nano is more vibrant and it has more amount of space. The fuel-efficiency value of both cars are equally powerful. Nano is sold with more color options and variants and is sold within a similar price range as Datsun Redi-Go. Nano also has a stronger suspension system. Only the buyer has to decide which is the right car to go for.

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