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Best Places to Hang a Wall Tapestry

Wall tapestry is indeed a beautiful piece of art to decorate your home and office. However, after you have bought a wall tapestry, a question persists. Where to hang it? There is no need to worry about it. Almost everyone asks themselves this question.

Today we will answer this question in detail. We will discuss various places in the home and offices where you can hang wall tapestry and which will make the place look more beautiful.

Behind the bed

Handing a wall tapestry behind your bed is one of the most common things owners of tapestries do. Many times custom tapestries are designed by customers, which match either the color or are in contrast to the design of the bed.

One can use moon and sun tapestries so that they can wake up to it every day. It will be a refreshing experience. Other than that, a tapestry with a quote can also be used. This might be a motivational quote that can help you wake up and hustle. It will make the rest of the day productive.

Behind the Sofa

Bedroom Sofa

There are two ways a tapestry can be hung behind the soda. One is the sofa lying in your bedroom. Therefore it must match the overall decor of the bedroom. This tapestry is usually themed according to the interests of the person whose bedroom is being decorated. If the room is brightly colored, the tapestry must also match it and vice versa. Fine Art America has several such tapestries available.

Living Room Sofa

Another place where the tapestry can be hung behind a sofa is in the living room. It has great importance because most of the time of a family is spent there. The tapestry must be of a design that gives positive vibes to everyone in the living room. This way, it will not only make the living room look beautiful but will also be a source of happiness for the family.

Another idea can be a customized tapestry featuring the family. There are various tapestry designers that can perform this task. One can celebrate their happy family life.

Guest Room Tapestry

The guest room is one of the most decorated places in a room. It is the place where new as well as old friends and family are entertained. It is the place first seen by visitors. Therefore to make a good impression and force people to exclaim a “wow,” it should be beautifully decorated.

What other best way could this be achieved than by using wall tapestry. One can use almost any type of tapestry in a great room. It will give a classic look to the guest room. Due to its intricate designs, it will catch the eye of guests.


There are various places where a wall tapestry can be hung. We have covered some here, but you may place it wherever you think it will improve the look of the room or surrounding. However, due to their delicate nature, care should be taken by hanging them away from the kitchen or place where there is more dust.

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