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Home Remedies For Curing Knee Pain

Looking for the best natural knee pain treatments minus any medication or hospital visits? Treatment will naturally depend on the reason for your injury or pain and several other factors. Here are some natural remedies worth following:

  1. Physical Activity and Exercises- This is where you will need the services of a trained and skilled physiotherapist. You can find a physiotherapist near me online without any hassles whatsoever. Suitable exercises may help in combating osteoarthritis which is one of the biggest reasons behind knee pain. Walking, yoga, exercise and other physical activity may be beneficial in reliving knee pain eventually along with enhancing cartilage tissue health. Exercising will help you strengthen support for your joints and muscles in the leg. Physical therapists will work with you to identify the best possible exercises including strengthening the quadriceps or upper leg muscles for safeguarding the joints in the knee.
  2. Support and Posture measures- Some of the posture and support linked measures including doing away with couches and low chairs which you may sink into while sitting, sitting on pillows for raising seating height, checking whether you have good posture without leaning or slouching, wearing supportive footwear and avoiding sitting for longer periods without any movement.
  3. Diet and losing weight- People with obesity or high weight will naturally have more risks of knee pain. Extra weight will increase the load on the joints and losing weight will help in lowering knee pain for the long haul which includes pain due to arthritis. Additional weight will lower inflammation. This necessitates following a healthy diet for maintaining a healthy body weight. Go for a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and fiber and lean animal protein.
  4. Massages- Skilled practitioners may help you out with massages for pain relief in the knees. Massaging the muscles of the thigh often benefits the knee. Massages may help a great deal in managing and relieving knee pain. You should carefully take steps to find a physiotherapist near me for this purpose.
  5. Aromatherapy- Several studies suggest that essential oils may help in lowering pain and massages with oil that has orange and ginger may improve functioning in the knees and reduce pain arising from osteoarthritis. Ointments with ginger, cinnamon, sesame oil and mastic may also similarly lower knee pain and stiffness as per many other reports.
  6. PRICE method- The PRICE method stands for protection, rest, ice and then compression. This method helps in lowering knee pain of a milder nature or pain arising from any injury. Rest lowers injury risks while giving time to the affected tissues to recover. Ice helps in reducing inflammation and swelling and it should be wrapped in a cloth before applying. You should never apply it on the skin directly. Compression with adequate knee support can lead to enhanced comfort in case of severe pain. The bandage/support should not be overtly tight but firm. Elevation or keeping your leg raised will boost circulation while lowering swelling at the same time. These are time tested methods for knee pain treatment although you should always consult your medical practitioner.
  7. Hot and Cold treatments- Heat and cold may also help in treating pain in the knees and joints. Heat will relax the muscles and lower overall stiffness. Ice may also help in reducing swellings, inflammation and overall pain.

These are some of the natural home remedies that may help you reduce knee pain. Always consult your doctor before embarking on them yourself.

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