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Vote of thanks: The term ‘vote of thanks’ is commonly used in schools, colleges, offices and other such institutions or organisations during formal occasions. Before writing on ‘vote of thanks’, it is important to understand what exactly it means and encompasses. The Cambridge Dictionary defines a vote of thanks as: “an act of formally and publicly thanking a person or organisation for something they have done”. However, this is by no means an exhaustive definition, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary also adds the aspect of the speaker asking other people to join him/her in thanking the concerned individual/organisation.

Thus, in simple words, a vote of thanks is a very specialized type of speech wherein the speaker thanks an individual or organisation for something they have done.  The subsequent paragraphs will deal with writing a convincing and well-formed vote of thanks.

How to write a Vote of Thanks

A vote of thanks always serves as a sort of epilogue rather than the main body of the programme. Thus, you should take care to ensure that it is not too long, 3 – 4 minutes is long enough. You may also quote or mention a specific action or part of the speech which you may have related to. Be sure to mention how the individual’s/organisation’s work benefitted your institution. You may state your hope and belief that the concerned individual/organisation and your organisation retain good ties in the future.

You may also thank the head of your organisation for the opportunities derived from the association with the concerned individual/organisation. Most votes of thanks end by thanking the concerned individual/organisation once again for their contribution.

Thus, the important things to keep in mind while writing a vote of thanks are:

  • Keep it between 2 – 4 minutes.
  • Mention specific work (if thanking for service) or quotes (if thanking for a speech) that were relatable to you.
  • Be sure to mention any work by the individual/organisation that benefitted your organisation, then thank them for it.
  • State your hope and belief that the concerned individual/organisation and your organisation will continue to enjoy cordial relations in the future.
  • Thank the head of your institution for the opportunity of speaking on behalf of your organisation.

If you follow the above instructions, you cannot go wrong while preparing your vote of thanks.

Vote of Thanks Speech Samples

On average, your vote of thanks should be between 220 – 450 words, however, there are no rules set in stone. In some situations, the length and content of your speech can vary. Many experts recommend adapting the speech to the situation in hand, not only the event itself, but also the mood of the audience.

Vote of thanks

#1. Vote of thanks for Independence Day (Credits:

Vote of thanks

#2. Vote of thanks to a speaker 

Vote of thanks

#3. Vote of thanks to an organization

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