Important Sms Services You Should Know About

Sms Services

There are different types of sms services available for your use. Whether for business purposes or some other thing; you can make the most of these services. After all, it is all about what you pick and how you make a choice.

One of the types is Long code sms service. Have you ever employed it or heard about it? Well, long Code SMS Services are also known as a dedicated phone number or huge number or even virtual mobile number. Itis the reception mechanism that is used by business to get voice calls and SMS Messages. Low price and International accessibility actually make the finest solution for big campaigns. Some of the applications of shared, dedicated, long code, VMN, VIRTUAL MOBILE NUMBER in the country are like:

  • Multiple Account Management
  • Single-player and even multi-player games could be played by interacting with a hug Code.
  • Promotions, Polls and Surveys
  • Voting
  • 2-way communication with service engineers, suppliers and sales forces
  • Reception of SMS for firms wishing to interact with consumers.
  • SMS-to-email applications, Chat services


There are some amazing features of long code sms that can be as under:

  • Real Time Reporting
  • . Control panel to view responses.
  • URL forwarding.
  • Real Time Editing
  • Customized welcome messaging
  • Normal SMS charges apply.
  • Easy to use and add to mobile address books.

These features can vary as per the service provider but almost all the long code sms get you these features. If you have never given this area a try, you should at least try it out for once.

What is the difference between short-code and long-code sms?

There are some differences between small code and long code options and these are like:

  • Long codes providers are less in cost and quicker to implement
  • Popular keywords are always there for long code
  • it even allows 2-way communication which permit the audience to reply to the message got in way
  • then it is also good that Long Code SMS Facility Pricing is cheaper for all the end customer

What is a short code?

It is a five digit number that is provided by telecommunication operators wherein users can send SMS. The chief idea for short codes is that they can be conveniently remembered and hence, get better responses than general numbers, and it is easy to interact with a firm.

Long Code

The relevance of long code or virtual number for sms is quite similar to short code. It is a virtual number that the client can make use of as a sender ID when sending messages or can use to connect with their customers.Any text sent to a long code is captured by the system that makes receiving and filtering a big bulk quantity of messages easier than getting on a handset. The system arrests the sender’s number, time, date, and content of incoming text. The client can decide howand when to respond to every individual message through the services provided.


So, when are you going to try your hands on free virtual sms number? These tools can be of great effectivity for your business.

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