How to make natural soaps at home

natural soaps at home

Using a soap is mandatory on an everyday basis to keep the body clean and the skin away from regular germs and bacteria. It is also necessary to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.

But when one is using a soap or a body wash, they have to be very clear about the fact that these soaps should not be harsh on the skin because it can make the skin really dry and rough. That is why; people are avoiding chemical soaps these days as they are by nature, harsh. One can always go for organic handmade soaps instead. They are made from natural ingredients and are soft on the skin. One can either buy them from organic stores or else they can also make these soaps at home. Here are some soap varieties which one can easily make at home.

Simple Homemade Soap:

To make this, one needs ingredients like:

Sodium hydroxide – 398 grams

Coconut oil—380 grams

Lard Oil—380 grams

Olive Oil—2000 grams

Apart from the oils, one needs a few cups of water and goat’s milk to make the soap better. One needs to mix water and milk together and add the oils in the solution. Then they need to heat it in a very low flame. After that one needs to slowly add the sodium hydroxide by taking precautionary measures and then mix the solution well. Keep mixing them till they become thick and then add some fragrance (any essential oil) and put the mixture in a soap mould.

Spice and Coffee Homemade Soap:

The things that are required to make this soap at home are:


Ginger—1 tea spoon

Clove—1 tea spoon

Cinnamon—1 tea spoon

Essential Oils—Orange and Lemongrass (few drops)

One can mix all the ingredients together and then boil the mixture in a slow flame till it forms a thick paste. Then add some coffee bean paste and essential oil in it before putting it in a soap mould.

Homemade Fruit Soap

Things that are needed are:

Silicone forms

Stock soap

Essential oils– two or three varieties

Perfume – something fruity.

Vitamins E and A


One needs to take at least 100 grams of stock soap and then cut them into equal pieces. Then one needs to melt them in a microwave and put them in a bowl. Add all the essential oils and a few vitamin drops along with the choice of the colorant and mix them really well. Then finally add the perfume before adding the mixture to the soap mould.

Lye Homemade Soap Recipe

One firstly needs to make a lye solution here which needs a proper quantity of water. Then one needs to make a fat solution where one needs to heat different types of oil. Then both the solutions have to be cooled down and then mixed together with a blender. Finally one can add the mixture to the soap mould.

One can also get organic handmade soap online India from various sites that deals with organic beauty products.

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