Common Bird Diseases and Parasites You Must Know about

Common Bird Diseases

The major diseases that affect birds are avian pox, trichomoniasis, salmonella, and trichomoniasis. All of these conditions are transmitted from one bird to the other at feeding spots, particularly when there is overcrowding. When it comes to birds, they are vulnerable to lice and mice. There are many when you can keep these birds safe from diseases, thus keeping them healthy.

The food given to birds also affects their health. According to an article published on, you should not feed bread to birds. You might be wondering why. Leftover bread in parks and lakes does more harm to birds like ducks than good. To be candid, it makes these animals fall prey to diseases. For your better understanding, here are common bird diseases you must know about:


An ailment caused due to some single-celled protozoa affects birds frequently. The parasite infects doves and pigeons as well as their predators like falcons and hawks. In some cases, the birds have sores in their throats and mouth because they cannot swallow rotten and infected food dropped or consumed by other species of birds. This way, the deadly infection spreads and affects all birds. The disease is deadly, infectious, and therefore, we all must take a pledge to protect bird life and save them from extinction.

Avian Pox

It is a viral ailment, affecting 60 wild bird species, according to recent reports. The major symptoms of the disease are lesions on the unfeathered body parts including feet, legs, eyelids, mouth, and around the birds’ neck. In a few cases, the birds may die when the sores are multiple in numbers around the eyes that prevent these birds from finding food. However, most species recover from the condition. The infection is spread through direct contact, especially at the feeders or via infected mosquito bites. To prevent such bird diseases, you can shop Elisa Avian kits near you. It will help in keeping the birds from infections and diseases. You can research on the internet and look for websites offering bird medication kits. Take some time out of your busy schedule and you will find it easily.


It is one of the common diseases affecting feeder birds. It is caused due to bacteria and affects the intestinal tract. The major symptoms include diarrhea, lethargy, tiredness, ruffled feathers, and things like that. The birds affected by Salmonella die within one or three days. The ailment can spread at a very fast rate, especially at feeding stations that are too crowded. Healthy birds eat contaminated food and get infected.

The infection spreads from the droppings of the other birds. The disease also spreads to humans dealing with dead or sick birds. Therefore, one should always wear gloves when dealing with sick birds and wash his hands thoroughly after touching a birdbath or bird feeder. It will help the person stay protected from the ailment.


Now that you know about the common bird diseases, buy the right vaccination or medication kit to prevent diseases from spreading.

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